Anti-Snoring Spiral Anti-Snoring Spiral Anti-Snoring Spiral Anti-Snoring Spiral

Anti-Snoring Spiral (set of 2 + box)

Item No. 90680

Improves your breathing capability
through the nose!

Can be used...

  • ... If you’re snoring
  • ... For sports and exercise
  • ... If you are allergic
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Many people suffer from lack of sleep. Usually this is caused by snoring. The Anti-Snoring Spiral helps you to breathe easier during the night. The two connected, tapered tubes are inserted into the nostrils before sleeping or work out and will stabilize the nose walls. Breathing through the nose becomes much easier. The passage of airflow into the nose is improved allowing you to breathe more freely. It can also be used by athletes and is a relief for people who have colds and allergies.

made in germany

Product information

The Anti-Snoring Spiral is easy to clean with soap and water. Its stable material guarantees a long-lasting relief during your sleep or your workout. The spiral will fit children as well as adults.

The product is made from food-grade plastics! Does not contain plasticizers!

  • Material:
  • Dimensions:
    11,5 x 7 x 16 mm