Ionic Air Purifier Ionic Air Purifier Ionic Air Purifier Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic Air Purifier

Item No. 90690

Cleans the air efficiently!

  • Frees the air of pollutants such as
    smoke, germs, bacteria, pollen, etc.
  • For revitalizing, clean air
  • Reduces allergy symptoms and
    neutralizes odors
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The Ionic Air Purifier brings back the “fresh air” to your home. To be more precise, the device removes your ambient air pollutants, neutralizes odors and enriches the air with ozone (0.02 ppm*). A thin mesh of metal wafer which has positively charged tips will charge the bypassing air negative by adding negative ions to the oxygen atoms. This high concentration of negative ions is equal to an air quality that is otherwise only found in forests, nearby waterfalls and in the mountains. The negative charged oxygen ions attract, due to their polarity, positively charged bacteria, pollen and dust like a magnet. A lot of the pollution in the air will also be attracted to the metal mesh.

* The ozone level emitted is absolutely harmless to your health and well below the legally permissible limits.


The metal mesh insert is easily cleaned under running water and with a brush that is included in the delivery.

The Ionic Air Purifier works quietly without disturbing your sleep or your work and can be used in rooms up to 45 m².

A filter is not needed due to the compact construction. The Ionic Air Purifier will fit into every room where clean air is important.

  • Power:
    100 - 240 V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption:
    approx. 1.5 W