Power Monitor Cost Calculator Power Monitor Cost Calculator Power Monitor Cost Calculator Power Monitor Cost Calculator

Power Monitor Cost Calculator

Item No. 90670

Locate your power guzzlers!

  • Measures the power consumption of individual devices
  • 8 readings in one unit
  • Easy to use and easy cost calculation
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Forget all fears when getting the electricity bill! Reduce your power consumption by tracking down “power-guzzling” devices and exchanging them for energy-efficient models. We give you the tools to find them.

Every year we see our electricity bills going up and up. But how much has actually been consumed? How much of the increase is due to a higher price and how much is due to higher consumption? We will assist you to reduce your electricity bills without having to compromise on the technology in your home. Reduce your consumption by tracking inefficient and power hungry electronic devices and exchange them for energy-efficient models. The Power Monitor Cost Calculator from Tevigo will help you to find these devices. Plug the monitor in between an electronic device and your power socket and then it will tell you just how much energy is used. If you have entered your price per kilowatt it will even calculate the resulting electricity costs that the device is generating throughout the year.


  • Power: 230 VAC / 50 Hz
  • Max. Load capacity: 16 A / 3680 W
  • Power consumption: < 0,5 W
  • Operating temperature: + 5 bis + 40° C
  • Accuracy: +/- 2 %

Measurement information

  • Operating time (hours/minutes/day)
  • Energy consumption (kWh)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Power (W) min + max
  • Current (A)
  • Frequency (Hertz)
  • Power factor
  • Electricity costs