Pyrography Tool Kit Pyrography Tool Kit Pyrography Tool Kit Pyrography Tool Kit

Pyrography Tool Kit (24 pieces set)

Item No. 90219

Multifunctional soldering iron for pyrography

  • 22 different tips and stamps
  • For burning names, images and designs in wood, leather, wax and cork
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With this professional Pyrography Tool Kit you can brand most materials with names, drawings or stamps.

Design a unique breakfast board or create a new leather belt design. With the Pyrography Tool Kit your creativity can be limitless.

The set contains 22 different pyrography tips that vary in shape and size. With these you can make any design from delicate drawings to large area patterns. The Pyrography Tool Kit is a unique gift and it will help you make your gifts unique.

It is easy to use: draw a motive or name in pencil on the material that you want to work on, attach the matching pyrography tip, heat up the iron and then just follow the pencil lines. To get a feel for the drawing speed required for best results, you should always have an extra piece of leather or wood to test the right stroke.


1 pyrography iron, 10 pyrography tips, 9 branding irons, 1 soldering tip, 1 hot cutting blade, 1 blade holder, 1 stand

  • Soldering iron, also suitable for hot-cutting Styrofoam
  • with 22 different tips and stamps
  • Power: 30 W / 230 V