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Infrared Heater

Item No. 90221

Warm up the people, not the environment!

  • Stainless steel
  • Directly radiated heat for your terrace, balcony and garage.
  • Cost for eight hours running time approx € 4,- *
    *(calculation based on € 0,25 /kWh)
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The new shortwave infrared heaters are the ideal companions on terraces and balconies in autumn and winter.

Infrared heat can be described as a very pleasant warmth. Compared to conventional gas heaters, the cost of using infrared shortwave heaters is 70% less whilst covering three times the area. The heater does not need any warming up time and will immediately generate warmth to the surrounding people who are present. It is quite a similar effect that is experienced with natural sunlight.

The infrared shortwaves, Type A, heat the body and not the air. The energy-saving effect is enormous. There is no loss by heating up the surrounding air on the terrace or balcony. Shortwave radiation is also more effective and efficient than medium- or long wave radiation.

The advantage of short waves compared to medium- and long waves: there is no draft, it can be directed with a high accuracy, immediate heat generation, 92% radiation efficiency (60% medium and 40% longwave).


  • Material: aluminium, stainless steel
  • Cable: 3 m H07RN-F 3G 1.0 mm VDE
  • Life cycle IR tube: 5.000 hours
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Power consumption: 2.000 W
  • Power: 230 Volt
  • Stand: optional available